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"Rigatone in his English garden"

Happy Cats is run by Helen Hyde with the help of her husband Roy, a retired Classics teacher. Helen lived in Rome for seven years and returned to the UK in July 2007. She set up Happy Cats on her return, benefitting from the experience she gained volunteering for a period in a Roman cat sanctuary and then working on her own with local strays. In March 2008 she was lucky enough to be able to bring Rigatone Hyde, her rescued Roman street cat, to Tunbridge Wells .

"Rigatone in his English garden"Although gone, he is not forgotten: Helen describes him as “my special cat” and ran the Paddock Wood Half Marathon in a t-shirt commemorating his life.

"Rigatone in his English garden"

She is now the proud owner of her first pedigree cat, a rescue Tonkinese called Chanel who, aged 18 ½ is very good at getting Helen to spoil her!!

Helen says:
“We all want the best for our cats and our aim is to provide a high-quality cat sitting service which takes the stress out of holidays and business trips for both you and your cat. Personal experience has taught us that cats are happiest in their own homes, but finding the right cat sitter can be a difficult business.

No cat owner wants somebody who just pops in, gives the cat a pat on the head, checks its food and water and then leaves. “Happy Cats” makes that essential difference to your cat’s well-being while you are away: your cat will benefit from the tremendous rapport we have with all cats and from the time and affection that we can give it.

All this, plus our police clearance and excellent references means that you can leave knowing that your cat is in the best possible hands.”



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